Sunday, April 22, 2012

Trade Fair

An activity we did this semester was a Trade Post. Everyone brought in things that we wanted to trade, in order to receive other items. A lot of the items that people brought in were homemade, cookies, pastries, paintings, bracelets and much more. We were given the chance to walk around and look at everyone's items that they brought in first. After seeing what was available, we could start trading. I knew a few things that I saw, that I wanted. I approached those people asking if they would want to trade one of my homemade cards with one of their items. If the person was interested, then we negotiated out a trade. Generally all the trades I made was one card from the item I wanted. By the end, I had a wide variety of things I was leaving with.
An activity like this could teach students how different groups of people used trading as a means of sustaining their living. Different groups of people traded food, clothing and other material goods that they needed. A discussion could be used around the students experience in trading their goods and then talk about how the other groups of people traded.
Below is a link to another classmates experience in the Trade Fair

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